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The best way to show off a property

These days most potential buyers utilize the internet & social media to do and  their research on a property. With our luxury real-estate marketing videos, we can make it easier for any potential buyer to see the home in great detail, and give an appeal that leaves the buyers wanting more.

According to the National Association of Realtors; “90% of home buyers use the internet to source information on properties and 73% of potential renters or buyers say that they are more likely to purchase after viewing a video.”

With a highly trained production crew, we offer to craft a cinematic visual tour that captures the essence and feel of your luxury property listing. This video will create a greater connection with potential buyers, and give them a way to envision themselves in their new lifestyle.

The ultimate goal of our videos are to accentuate the beauty and value of the home, as well as the unique lifestyle that comes with it.  We will help you reach a broader market, and sell the home much faster.

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A premium approach is required to sell premium houses to a premium marketplace.  Our videos take the listing from a static set of photos, to an engaging and energetic tour of the home that helps buyers envision themselves living there.

These videos can reach a larger audience through YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram and drive new traffic to the listings.  Marketing $3+ million houses like this is almost crucial.


Show off the amenities and lifestyle of the luxury apartment complex in an exciting and dynamic way.  Play the video on the website, share on social media, or even run on loop on the leasing office/lobby TVs.  We also incorporate the apartment’s branding to make the video become a integral aspect of the professional marketing.

Videos give a much greater sense of what it is like to live there than a still image can.


In most cases these days, booking a hotel is done online.  A potential guest must decide on a place to stay via the hotel websites, or expedia listing.  A high quality video can make a hotel stand out on the web, and become a destination in itself!

Short and sweet videos that outline the various amenities and services the hotel provides helps the customer feel confident in their decision to book like nothing else.


While we specialize in the highest quality property videos, we are also experts at capturing properties through photographs.  Many real estate photographers just stand in the corner of a room and snap a shot…however the camera often cannot capture a room the way the eye can.

We use strobes, lighting and painstaking attention to detail to photograph the beauty in a space.  These photos don’t just show the space, they sell it.

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Marketing Opportunity

My team and I are currently looking for interested Real Estate Agencies, Residential Developers, Architects and purveyors of luxury properties to partner with.

We strongly believe in the power of video in today’s buying market and that buyers and renters alike are far more engaged to listings that include video.  We want to elevate your business to include consistent and professional cinematic marketing videos for your properties, and help you stand out amongst the crowd.

When you provide videos in your listings and website, buyers, renters and sellers will turn to you for reliable and high quality representation time and time again.

If this sounds interesting to you, give me a call and we can discuss this potential business partnership!