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G’day! I’m an Australian cinematographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

I’m extremely passionate about what I do and have been a Director of Photography for music videos, commercials, luxury real-estate videos, and short films. See my reel and portfolio to see if I’m right for your next project, then head on over and contact me!

*I do graphic design too!

Real Estate

The power of a high quality real estate video for luxury property listings is enormous.  Shooting cinematic style video tours of real estate for both YouTube and Instagram can leverage your real estate business exponentially


I love the power of storytelling through cinematography, and lighting. I’ve always been fascinated by the way in which using these elements effectively can create completely different feelings in films.  Consider me as the cinematographer for your next project!


Put together a fresh and modern looking commercial that stands out against the waves of other content out there today.  Let’s shoot a commercial that looks amazing and entertains viewers too!  Check out my reel to see examples of my cinematography work!

Music Videos

Music videos are a great way to be creative and experimental! I really enjoy working with Directors and coming up with creative and eye-catching concepts that really set each music video apart from the rest.  Together let’s put visuals to that amazing new track!

 Recent work I’ve done for my amazing clients

Paseo at Winter Park

Paseo at Winter Park

August 7, 2015

“Wit Da Quickness” Music Video

“Wit Da Quickness” Music Video

June 10, 2015

5152 TPC Blvd

5152 TPC Blvd

April 7, 2015

Hoop Culture

Hoop Culture

March 4, 2015

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Director of Photography   Camera Operator

Gavin's passion for his work reflects in everything he does. He has a magical creative flare that shines through in all his work. His professional style is beyond his years. I have been extremely happy with all the work that Gavin has done for me and I would highly recommend him.

Trudi Afford, Stress Strategist

Gavin is an extremely talented young man! He has single handedly created our logo and branding in a short amount of time. His attention to detail has been exceptional! Thank you Gavin :)

Vicky Reihana, Business Owner

Gavin is one of the best photographers I've worked with! He's amazing with the camera and I love how my photos turned out!

Maria Cavanaugh, Actress

Wow Gav!!……. I am so happy with the outcome of this video. You have delivered to me, exactly what I had pictured in my mind.
Gavin is wise, creative & talented beyond his years. His calm approach to projects ensures that it is an enjoyable process for his clients making them feel at ease in front of the camera. The creation of my video was a wonderful stress free experience with very professional results.

Kylie Flynn, Happiness Expert

Gavin recently helped me out on a short student film I was Director of Photography for. Not only did he volunteer heaps of his time to the project, he kindly imparted much wisdom and taught me a lot about technical aspects of filmmaking, camera work and cinematography. I’m still not convinced we would have wrapped shooting on time if it wasn’t for his extra help, and his camera prodigy skills. :)

Alana Coventry, Student

Gavin is so skill-full with everything media, but more importantly he shares your passion and commitment for the the tasks he takes on. I cant recommend Gavin Ash highly enough. He's the best.

Tahi Reihana, Business Owner

I can't believe how young Gavin is. however a whole world of knowledge & professionalism! Gavin completed my logo & branding, photo's the list goes on!! Thank you for all your fantastic work

Patty Kapua, Sex & Relationship Coach


Making ‘video’ look like film.

Any fella can pop a camera on some ‘legs’ and make a video these days, but my mission is to take video to the next level, and breach the gap between video, and film.  I take a creative approach to filmmaking and media production that is sure to grab your audience’s attention, and say “Wow!”.  This is what I do best.

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